Pre-Seaon Ski Workouts – Part 1

Ski Season approaching right around the corner may have you thinking about what workouts you need to do so you’re ready for the fresh Montana powder.  I’m no ski expert but I know how to help clients prepare their body’s for ski season.  With the upcoming posts we’ll discuss ski principals that can be addressed during training so you’re ready for the amazing powder this year!

5 Ski Principals:


Balance and Coordination


Muscular Endurance


1.  Flexibility – The principals we’ll be talking about are very important to consider if you’re an avid skier.  Like any sport, skiing comes with some risks that can be prevented if you’re diligent by training in the off season.  The primary focus for off-season training should be, injury prevention, performance, and duration on the mountain.  Flexibility helps with all 3 of these focal points.

Unexpected crashes are another good reason why to mention flexibility. Why is flexibility important during skiing?  Picture skiing a few timid runs being careful to bombing down the slope as if nothing could happen.  To your surprise your ski finds a lump of ice forcing you on one ski.  Of course you start thinking that you should of worked on balance and coordination during the off-season (we’ll talk about that later).  After hitting the lump of ice you don’t’ regain your balance forcing you to quickly begin somersaulting down the mountain in every direction, scattering your skis and poles, like a little kid eating his first birthday cake.  After peeling your face from the ground and shaking the snow off, you look up and see that you slid 50 yards.  Now imagine how your body can be twisted and torqued in unnatural way during a crash of this magnitude.
Example: If your hamstrings are tight (back of the leg) you might be forced in a range of motion during a crash, resulting in a strained or pulled hamstring.  Now for your preseason workouts, focus on stretches that loosen the hips, quads, calfs, torso, back, and hamstrings.  Not only can some injury be prevented, but overall skiing can be more comfortable with a limber body. Call Aaron if you need some ideas.  (406) 390-3083

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