Pre-Season Ski Workouts: Balance and Coordination

In the last post we talked about how flexibility can help prevent ski injury and performance.  The next topic we’ll go over is balance and coordination.  Balance and coordination can be helped by simply engaging in a training program.  By engaging in a training program your body’s muscles will learn how to work together more effectively.

Make sure you focus on functional lifts.  Skiing is a functional sport, therefore you need to train with functional movements.  Functional lifts both improve both balance and coordination.

Coordination for skiing can be considered a smooth controlled movement from one position to another in a reasonable amount of time.  Another example of coordination for skiing is the ability of the core to speak more efficiently with your legs.

Now enjoy this video I put together that will both help your coordination and balance for skiing.

Step Ups – 15 Reps Each Leg

Ski jumps or Line jumps – 60 secs

Split Squats – 15 Reps Each Leg

One Foot On The  Bosu Ball – Shoulder Press – 8 Reps Each Leg

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