Rapid Fat Loss: Part 3

Secret 3: Eat Better

For maximum fat loss, you’re going to also have to pay very close attention to what you eat. While you may be accustomed to rewarding yourself for a good week or two of dieting, you can’t do that any more if you want rapid fat loss. Because trimming down fast means trading out anything and everything that doesn’t benefit your body for useful foods filled with vitamins and nutrients that power up your body and don’t slow it down.

Thinking of having canned pasta tonight? Trade it for whole-wheat pasta that you make yourself. Have a love for whole milk? You’re going to have to go skim if you want to get slim. Feel the need to cap off your meals with just a bite of something sweet? Your sweet tooth is going to have to go hungry for a while.

Essentially, you need to eat a diet based on fruits and vegetables. Toss in some egg whites and skinless chicken breasts, fish, and soy products, and you’ll be well on your way to eating a diet worthy of fast fat reduction.

You’ll also want to avoid foods that increase your body’s water retention. By shaving the salt and starch out of your diet, you should be able to experience noticeable weight loss in a matter of days.

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