Rapid Fat Loss: Part 4

Secret 4: Eat Less

While you’re swapping out your fat-filled foods for low-fat alternatives and trading out your desserts for fresh fruit, you should also attempt to eat less food overall. The lowest amount of calories you can eat healthily is 1,050 a day, though 1,200 is a recognized norm that dietitians consider safe for the average Joe or Jo to try at home.

In order to reduce the amount of calories and fat you consume each day, you’ll need to take three steps. First, drink more water. How much? How about half a gallon more than you’re drinking right now. An easy way to make the increase is by drinking a tall glass of water before sitting down for your meals. This helps you feel fuller and makes it easier to cut back on the calories you consume at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Second, increase the number of times you eat from three to five or six. Just like drinking more water, eating more often (as long as the meals are smaller than your typical breakfasts, lunches, and dinners) causes your body to feel full throughout the day. Ultimately, this prevents you from accidentally getting so hungry that you throw all your hard work away on two cheeseburgers and a pile of greasy fries that are calling out your name.

And for a last tip, only eat when you’re sitting down at a proper dining room table. Don’t spend much time sitting down for meals? Then you’ll either be really hungry or learn to make time for sit-down meals. This tip isn’t to force you to slow down and enjoy your meals, though that is a nice perk. Rather, it’s to keep you from eating more than you realize. It’s much more difficult to keep track of your calorie and fat intake when you’re on the move. By sitting down, you can write down what you’re eating and can make sure you’re not eating more than you ought.

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