Are you a 100% committed?

I like this video for a couple reasons. First I like some of the exercises he did and got some ideas for workouts to give clients as well as myself. Second I’ve talked to a lot of people who seem to be stuck, unmotivated, or on a plateau with either life or workouts. The video is a great reminder that it takes commitment for success. Doesn’t matter if it’s a new business, raising kids, working out, or WHATEVER you desire to do….stay committed.

One thing I don’t agree with in the video is the lack of sleep. You can go with fewer hours for a short time, but consistent lack of sleep can make the body do bad things. The greatest amount of healing occurs during sleep. So make sure you sleep enough!

When I get asked the question, how are others so successful? I always tell them they’re a 100% committed to achieve their goal. That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but you need to be committed! Being committed doesn’t mean you’ll mess up, it means when you’re knocked down you’ll get back up to pursue your goals!

Enjoy the video…

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