Keep it Simple!

900x380 weights and c2rowerHow simple should you keep your training routine?  You should keep your training routine quite simple in fact.  Don’t make the same mistake that some athletes make, which is thinking if it’s complicated its right. Yes, it’s good to switch up your training routine, but that doesn’t mean finding new lifts that don’t apply to your sport specific goals.  If your goal is to become a better football player, pushing, pulling, dead lifting (Single Leg, trap bar), free weights, Olympic lifts, heavy carries, and sprinting are essential for becoming a better football player.  Don’t run 10 miles a day!  Football isn’t a marathon so running 10 miles a day doesn’t apply to football!   Here is another one, football players balancing on a stability ball.  Is the football field made of wobbly rubber?   Research has shown that increasing your strength on flat surface (with squats, dead lifts, one leg exercises) increases your balance more than standing on a wobbly surface doing exercises.  Think about it, if you spend more than 95% of your time on hard, flat surfaces, why train on a soft wobbly surfaces?  If your focus is working on balance, spend some time doing some of these drills on hard surfaces (single leg squats, single leg straight leg dead lift, single leg box jumps, single leg snatches)

STOP a moment, and THINK about what you’re training for, then find movement patterns that best support your goals.  The secret to a great fitness routine is not coming up with some bizarre movement that nobody has ever done.  Doing a handstand box jump isn’t going to make you a better football player, even though that be very impressive, yet a waste of your time/effort working on a skill that doesn’t apply to your sport.  Spend your time/effort working on lifts that better suit your sport.

The perfect fitness routine is about learning to sweat, staying disciplined, lifting with consistency, eating the right food, plenty of sleep, and making sure the body recovers after lifting bouts.

So remember keeping it simple is the key.  Failing to keep it simple may elude you from developing a strong foundation of functional movement that applies to your sport or lifestyle.

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