One-On-One Personal Fitness



Dear Friends,

Are you ready to make a commitment and embark on a journey of health and fitness?


  • No more mind numbing cardiovascular exercise
  • To burn fat 24/7
  • No more crash diets
  • Hard work
  • Randomized workouts
  • Nutritional consulting
  • Obtaining a body you’ve dreamed about

Have you struggled with a fitness regimen in the past? Did you struggle because you didn’t get the results you wanted? Has boredom prevented you from continuing a program?

At Simplicity Training, Bozeman’s Top Personal Training, we realize a complete program consisting of nutritional guidance, professional meal plans, expert coaching, and accountability are necessary for guaranteed results.

Why you should choose One-On-One training:


  • Keeps YOU accountable
  • Pushes and challenges you
  • Utilize the most up to date fitness techniques
  • Promises professional coaching
  • Optimize your workout time in the gym
  • Learn how to speed up muscle recovery

Starting a one on one program consists off:

1) 60 minute consultation and fitness assessment that will discuss health goals, review health history, lifestyle and habits.

2) Measurements and weigh ins

3) Establish bench mark workouts for assessing progress

4) Meet with a trainer 2x, 3x, or 4x.

5) Workouts are never the same

Popular program by demand so space is limited.

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