Large Group Personal Training 6/11/15

Warm upPurchased


2 min Jog

8 Squats

8 Push Press 45/25

8 Lunge with Leg/Pull

4 Inch Worms


400 meter run
25 Burpees
3x –  8 Single leg single arm kb shoulder presses ea side – complete 3x before moving on
400 meter run
35 KB Swings
25 pull ups
2x 1 min plank – rest 30 secs
2x 30 sec plank ea side alt
run 400 meters


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5 Reason’s People Fail To Lose Weight For Their New Year’s Resolution

Overtraining1Statistically the top New Year’s resolution goal is to lose weight.  In a gym setting you can expect a rush of people for about 3 weeks, and then it’s back to normal.  Why are people failing at their fitness goals?

  1.  Write down realistic goals.  Be realistic how fast you are trying to lose weight.  If you are trying to lose 10 pounds, you need to shave off 500 calories with diet and exercise.  One pound of fat consists of 3500 calories.  Therefore consistent diet and exercise can average 1 pound of weight-loss per week.  Slow and steady weight-loss keeps the weight off.
  2. Enjoy the process – Obtaining a habit of exercise for a lifetime isn’t a sprint, it’s a journey.  Do whatever it takes to make the process fun.  Join a group fitness class, workout with a friend, or hire a coach.
  3. Make a game plan – How many people set a goal without a road map to success?  Lots of people!  Do you know how to make a game plan?  Find someone that does.  Do it right the first time!

People with no game plan generally head to the cardio equipment; I call this long and boring.  Yes, you can lose weight with diet and cardio, but you can ALSO burn your muscle away.  Did you know losing muscle decreases the metabolism?  Research is proving that individuals will eventually start gaining weight after years of only a cardio and diet regiment.

Make sure you do strength training for a balanced exercise routine.

    4.  You know what the goal is, but do you know your why?  Let’s say you keep asking yourself why, and you find out you really don’t care if you lose weight.  By not knowing you didn’t care, wouldn’t it literally be impossible to change bad habits?   So know your why.  (Examples:  Afraid of getting sick.  Heart disease runs in the family.  Want your clothes to fit better again.  Need more energy, and to sleep better.)  Develop a strong why so you can overcome not caring.

5.  Fear of success.   Success can be scary when you realize the goal can take hard work, but remember that’s why you need to figure out how to make it fun.  Change doesn’t come easy; if it did everyone would be doing it.  Best of luck during 2014 at achieving your fitness goals!