My name is Aaron Cook and I’m a fitness professional in Bozeman and Manhattan, Montana pursuing my life long passion.  I’m 31 and absolutely love my job of teaching, motivating and helping others obtain better health.    I’ve always been fascinated with training, particularly by studying and experimenting on myself.  My passion for training led me into obtaining a degree in exercise science at Montana State University in Bozeman.  Exercise Science is a broad study of the body, consisting of the studies such as exercise physiology, bio-mechanics, kinesiology, and exercise testing and prescription.  These tools have equipped me with the knowledge about the body, and how personal training can help many people struggling with risk factors overcome them.  Risk factors generally lead to diseases that are primarily avoidable if the proper steps of prevention are taken.  These steps include partaking in cardiovascular training, resistance training, and nutrition.  If these steps are taken seriously, many diseases may be preventable.

My mission is to build a personal training business that can make training simple, fun, and efficient, but just because it’s simple does not mean it’s easy.  I have a passion for helping people lose weight, gain confidence, and teach functional movements that are applicable into everyday living.

Take the appropriate steps by joining a fitness program to work on prevention, or learn how to optimize your time in the gym.  Optimizing your time in the gym will help burn more fat, build muscle, and best of all, help YOU retain an individual training program.  My sessions generally last about 30-45 minutes.  Sign up for a FREE consultation to learn more.

Looking forward to meeting  you!

Aaron Cook

Simplicity Training